Catherine Charlton worked in the academic area of English language for many years at Macquarie University, in latter years as Director and Head of the English Language Training Centre. She has qualifications in Higher Education Leadership, and wide experience in Higher Education management, International Education management, English Language Testing and English Language Centre setup and management. After having overall responsibility for the Macquarie University IELTS Testing Centre, In 2012 - 2013 she was responsible for the successful merger and setup of the Macquarie University English Language Testing Centre with Sydney University English Language Testing Centre. For some years she was a Board Member of Universities English Language Centres, Australia (UECA). She is also a certified Internal Systems Auditor.
From 2011-2014 Catherine was Regional Director for the Middle East for Macquarie University, where she was instrumental in the

setup of an English Language Centre for Unihouse in Jordan, in co-operation with Macquarie University, for the purposes of training local students wishing to improve their English language skills or to achieve an IELTS level sufficient for entry to international universities. She worked on a number of projects in the Middle East, including with the Jordanian Police and the Iraqi Government and Kurdistan Medical Board.

In Australia Catherine worked with local embassies and consulates to ensure the transition and experience of Middle Eastern students at Macquarie was as successful as possible, and that Macquarie was cognisant of their particular needs.